Making an Impact by Giving a Corporate Gift

A smart company will know the vital importance of giving each client a corporate gift. They will set a budget to include corporate gift giving. It can be written off as advertising and marketing if done right. You can give your company a leg up above the competition if you give nice, quality gifts, gifts that are useful and wanted. People appreciate gifts like this, and will use them. They will tell their friends and colleagues about it. Others may want to do business with you just for the gifts, and that is okay. Bottom line, you want to grow your business by having more clients, right?

Consider giving a premium corporate gift that is not only personalized with your company logo, but also with the client’s name. This will really make them feel good, that you appreciate them enough to give a gift and that you know them well enough to spell their name right on the gift. Consider leather gifts that can be embossed with your logo and their name. Items such a leather key rings, even toiletry bags, totes, briefcases, checkbook covers, phone carriers, billfolds, wallets, etc. are useful items that can be made from leather and easily personalized.

Giving a unique gift is to be expected nowadays and it is a way to tell the client you appreciate them and their business. It can make a bigger impact if you give a gift that you know they want or need. If you get to know your clients a little, better and find out what those things are. You will be tops in their eyes, because you took the time to get to know them and you showed your appreciation with a nice gift.
Corporate gifts do not have to be extravagant. Small tokens can be as appreciated as big ones. Giving gifts like pens and pencils are useful items, and actually, pens make their way around. Go one-step further with a pen, and put “Property of ‘client name'” along with your logo. Your client will love that. Also, consider stationary. Notepad, sticky notes, tablets, and boxed stationary is nice and easy to personalize. Letter openers can be engraved. Pencil and pen holders are nice and if you personalize with the client’s name, they will likely have it front and center on their desk.

If you have not started, consider the impact you can make with clients if you start giving them a corporate gift. If you think in terms of advertising, marketing, and building a loyal customer base, you can see the benefits of gift giving. You will show your appreciation with the gift and they will show theirs by continuing to be your client and by referring others to do business with you. Make gift giving a part of your whole marketing plan.