How to Spot Bad Betting Systems

The internet is full of online betting systems. Just punch the term into Google and you will be presented with around 2 million results. Online gambling has exploded over the past couple of years and is still growing at an alarming rate. Of all of the online betting systems on the internet it is fair to say that over 90% of them are bogus and will more often than not cause you to loose money! The owners of these so called systems are more interested in making money from their websites rather than their betting selections.

Before purchasing or subscribing to a betting system there are things that you can look for to ensure that it is real and will make you long term profits. I have highlighted these areas below.
Website Quality If the website is of poor quality then so is the service. If the owner of the system is doing as well as they say they are on the betting markets then they can afford to invest in a good quality website!
Real Profit & Loss Accounts Anyone can claim to beat the bookmakers and make a profit of A 100,000 per year but unless it is backed up with real account profit and loss screenshots it means absolutely nothing.

Proofing There are numerous proofing websites out that who’s roll is to test out betting systems and selection services and score them based on performance. Before subscribing to a service ask them if they use any proofing services and if so ask to see them.
Communications Test how long it takes for an email response. Any service owner who believes in their product will respond promptly to your emails and questions.

Telephone Services If a service is poor I guarantee you they will not provide a telephone number on their website. If a service is no good it is far easier to hide behind email where the owner does not have to speak to frustrated customers.

Before subscribing to any betting system or selection service it is important that all of the above boxes are ticked. Despite the huge amount of bogus betting systems on the internet there are still ones out there that do make money. Follow the above steps to ensure that you make the right choice and make your profit. If services are not showing the above qualities then they are more than likely worthless.